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- Paige

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maybe I Like it

Pop Music

  So recently I became aware that I sing lyrics to songs incorrectly. Really, really incorrectly. The word “baby” to me has become the phonetic equivalent to “maybe,” which has made a few songs go from sincere and lovely to confused and uncertain-sounding.
Making this formerly kickass song sound unsure as to whether she’ll be bulletproof or not. I might be bulletproof, I might not be. I mean I’ve been there, done that, messed around… but I might be bulletproof next time.
I am unsure if I find your dance floor gyrations pleasing to my eyes or not. I mean, it’s possible. Then again, I could just be being coy. I might be maintaining my mystique by not letting you feel any level of security in your dancing. In fact, I might find you repulsive. But again, maybe I don’t. 
I know that because of the lacking substance here, it is almost impossible to tell what song it is. Or maybe BECAUSE of the lacking substance, you already inferred that it’s Justin Beiber. I do not have Beiber fever. I’m a part of the generation of 18-24 year olds who are simply annoyed and bothered by his pre-pubescent singing. I do digress. All I’m trying to say that that this version of the song makes it sound like he is trying to decide whether he wants this (also pre-pubescent) girl or not. He’s like maybe, maybe, maybe….. NOOOOOO! Thus breeding the next generation of indecisive males, way to go J-Beebs. Glad you're being a role model. Ok, so the title of the song should have thrown me a little hint that he wasn’t just contemplating liking some girl (like, as in like-like? As in more than friends?)… and maybe he actually uses the word baby in the song. But what kind of post would that make for? An uninteresting one, I give you that.