Welcome to my blog! If I were you, I'd read the section titled "Read this First" on the right-hand side of your screen... It will help you understand exactly why this blog is hilarious. If not, however, just read on as you see fit, and though you may not understand the humor, you can at least indulge in my impeccable vocabulary.
- Paige

Read This First

Hey, I am Paige Polesnak, as I am certain you could tell by the title.
Some things that are important to note before you go about reading this blog:
1. I am a smart mouth... Ask my mother, teachers, professors, exes, best friends or anyone within shouting distance of me at any given time.
2. Please take this blog with a grain of salt. I don't take myself very seriously, and you shouldn't either. Chances are: I'm just trying to make you smile.
3. I go to a very conservative Christian college called Grove City College (http://www.gcc.edu/), in Western PA. We have a lot of rules here including Intervisitation policies (that means no boys in girls' dorms during the week, and vice versa) and going to chapel for required credit, as well as other completely batty regulations. We have a ton of faith in humanity: you can leave out your laptop (which the college supplies you when you first enter the school, which I happen to be typing on right now.) for days, no joke, and no one will so much as touch it. Sure, someone might pray over it a little bit, hoping that you'll come back and find it, but no one will touch it.
4. I write for my college paper.
5. I also have a goldfish (since we were on the topic of things that don't really matter).
6. I love lists, I make them often.
7. Is my favorite number.