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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Going Home is Awful

Holidays, Brothers, Full Houses
Paige Polesnak
The Collegian Contributing Writer

   This holiday season was pretty hectic at the Polesnak house. We had so many guests it was insane, and very nice, don’t get me wrong. We had my Mexican brother, David (Da-veed. It makes him exotic) who was a hoot and a half. He would not leave my poor, old, morbidly obese dog alone!

And my grandparents…
My big brother fresh in from Mexico… who was still a little confused about exactly what language he should be awkwardly cursing in…
Ginger boyfriend…
Andddd… that’s all I think. Plus, naturally, me and my mom and dad.
All in our lovely Pennsylvania house.
More to come.,. about this fantastic, amazing and terrible holiday.

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