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Monday, January 17, 2011

Web Comic, MIA

Come back!
   So I have a webcomic that I read all the time, it’s called They All Bleed The Same, and it’s written by Joey Rintoul, (you can check it out here, http://tabts-comic.com/and he doesn’t know who I am or that I read it, but the point is that I DO read it… and he hasn’t updated it in like, twenty years! Okay, it was last updated on December 5th (is that too specific? Am I getting creepy? Yes. Yes, I am.) but that is sooo long in fan time. I mean, if I stopped writing for that long, I can only imagine how many of my fans would be crushed! I realize that people are constantly relying on me for my brilliance and witty insights to everyday life. Thus I have decided to go out of my way to make today’s post special, and make my own web comic out of it!!!!

and I'm like, sweet, I get to write awesome posts, I think of things to write all the time. But first...

I visit the internet for a little bit, and why not, start visiting StumbleUpon.com.

 I finally sit down, determined to write a post instead. Stop the crazy stumbling cycle (also, our lap tops DO have GCC written on the back like that... Don't hate- it was free.)
 And then, I realize I actually have nothing to write about followed by the next realization...
 so I usually just take a nap instead.
 and slowly realize that I may actually not be as hilarious as I thought.
Thus, deciding that it's 0kay that Joey Rintoul hasn't written a web comic in a while. I had no idea of the pressure he was under.


  1. Check the website.....

    Here's an apology haiku from Joey's tired gal:

    Sorry for the break
    The Joey, now chained to desk
    More updates coming

    :) thanks for being a fan

  2. Paige,

    My girlfriend sent me this way after she found your previous post regarding my comic 'They All Bleed The Same'. I just wanted to say thank you, and show it in the only way I know how.


    Thanks so much. :)

    -J. Rintoul